About Us

Founded in 2014, at the heart of 100 Plus Culture lies our core values - culture and creativity. We are committed to create a multi-platform for artists, platform operators and consumers to interact closely. We endeavor to facilitate collaboration of the three key areas of creative, production and distribution, and sales and marketing in the cultural and creative industries. With our expertise, our aspirations are to create value with culture, enrich people's lives and promote sustainable development of the industries.

Our services range from exhibition, performance and cultural festive event planning and promotion, cultural and creative sharing platform management, to cultural and creative product sales. Our team is comprised of professionals with years of experiences in stage entertainment production and cultural and arts management. With our creative passion and professional skills, our philosophy is to make sure all our projects meet our clients’ expectations. We provide comprehensive production and promotion services with creativity and market sense hand in hand, bringing unique cultural and creative experiences to every audience.

There are three great teams under 100 Plus Culture, namely 100 Plus Music Ltd., 100 Plus Imaging Art And Technology Ltd., and Venus Audio And Lighting Engineering Company Ltd. While each with their own expertise, they work together closely to provide a wide range of services including music production, album distribution and copyright management, recording services, artist management, concert and music event planning, projection mapping, multimedia and visual design, creative visual technology consultancy, stage effect design and production, and equipment management and rental. Through resources integration, we bring the best results to our clients.


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